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What is the GSTIN Verification Tool ?

GST identification number (GSTIN): GSTIN is a 15-digit PAN-based unique identification number allotted to every registered person under GST. If you are a GST-registered dealer, you might want to verify your GSTIN before entering it in your GST Returns.

Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, a single registration number has been introduced—the Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN Verification Tool)—which is shared by all the taxpayers registered under GST for cross-verification. This is in contrast with the previous indirect tax regime, where multiple registration numbers were present for different laws like excise, service tax and value added tax, since it was each law that determined the applicability of its own registration procedure.

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Importance of GSTIN

GSTIN Verification Tool or GST Number Search Online is publicly available information. Checking GSTIN by name is an important self-assessment task for businesses and organizations that deal with registered taxpayers to ensure the authenticity of vendors and the GSTIN Verification Tool or GST number appearing in invoices. Technology allows instant verification of GSTIN data via a click of a button from anywhere and at any time. Businesses can partially verify GSTIN by checking if the vendor's PAN matches the numbers in between 3 and 10 in the GSTIN. Use CascaTax's online verified GSTIN Search tool to check GSTIN validity instantly, anytime, anywhere.

What is the CascaTax GST Number Search Tool ?

The CascaTax GSTIN Verification Tool or GST Number Search Online enables businesses to validate GST numbers in a single-click search. This feature can be used by anyone free of cost, provided they have the requisite GSTIN search on hand.

How to use the CascaTax GST Number Search Tool and GSTIN Validator ?

All you have to do is- Enter a valid GSTIN Verification Tool or GST Number Search Online in the search box below: Click on the “Search” button.
If the GSTIN is correct, the details that can be verified here are-

check The legal name of the busines
check Registration status
check Constitution of business company
check sole-proprietor or partnership
check Entity type – Private, Public, Gov.
check Entity type – Or regular taxpayer or composition dealer
check PAN/Pin
check GSTIN status / UIN status
check GST Return Filing & Billing simplified with CascaTax GST Tools
How to use the CascaTax GST Number Search Tool

Advantages of online GSTIN Verification Tool or GST Number Search Online

The benefits of verifying a GSTIN Search using GSTIN Validator include:

check To check the authenticity of any GSTIN
check A GSTIN on a hand-written invoice can be verified easily, if unclear
check You can prevent yourself from associating with vendors using fake GSTINs
check Avoid a GSTIN fraud
check Help vendors correct any potential error in reporting GSTIN
Advantage Of GSTIN Number Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a GST registration application is processed successfully, the GST portal will allocate 15 digits GSTIN to the applicant

Yes, it is mandatory to mention GSTIN on all the invoices raised by a taxpayer. Also, the GST registered person should display the GST registration certificate at all places of business.

To avoid a late fee, tax practitioners should include their Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) on all invoices. To maintain compliance with GST regulations, businesses should display their GST registration certificate at all locations.

If a business operates from more than one state, the taxpayer may register for a unique Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration for each state. For instance, if a business sells in the states of Telangana and Delhi, the business can register separately for GST Service Number in Telangana and Delhi.