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Casca Remedies is an India based licensed manufacturer of pharmaceuticals products. If you want to Export Pharmaceuticals products internationally and give your business a new face, you should think about finding a good Pharma Export Company in India.

Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd, a leading Pharma Export Company in India, serves the world with Top-Notch pharmaceutical products. We can help you excel in this industry with the aid of our high-quality products and services. You can reach your business objectives and earn good profits with our assistance.

Procedure for Medicine Export from India

Medicine Export Procedure from India to another country is very important for a business. We assure the importers against currency and raw material fluctuation, once we get the advance money for the consignment, we start the manufacturing process immediately and take the remaining amount at the time of consignment dispatch.

We established our first manufacturing unit in 1988 and also entered into Medicine Export and is engaged in exports of bulk drugs. Let us discuss a few benefits that Casca gives you as a pharmaceuticals exporter for Medicine Export from India.

When you are looking for a good Pharma Export Company in India, what qualities should you look for? 

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The best pharma exporters must possess all of the following traits:

1. High Productivity – In order to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, pharma manufacturers need to keep their production costs low while maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness within the premises. A good Pharma Export Company will be able to do this while ensuring.

2. Quality Standards – The export business cannot function without quality control measures being implemented at all stages of production and packaging. A good Pharma Export Company will have a comprehensive system in place for keeping track of manufacturing processes and product quality, so that any issues can be addressed at an early stage.

3. Low cost – Since the export orders are generally received in bulk quantity, it reduces the production cost drastically. So, you can say the production cost is inversely proportional to the order quantity.

4. Regulatory Awareness – A good Pharma Export Company must be aware of the various regulatory requirements across different countries. Not only be aware of these regulations, but they must also adhere to them in order to maintain a good reputation among their customers.

Pharma Export Company in India – Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd

Casca Remedies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Pharma Export Company in India with significant experience in this field. We have helped many Pharma Companies to flourish globally. We have a team of experienced and dedicated Business Associates whose sole aim is to help you succeed.

Our company is WHO-GMP, GLP & ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we follow the best practices listed by WHO (World Health Organization). To date, we have exported more than 800+ consignments to our clients from all over the globe.

Product Categories for Export

We hold the following licenses to distribute or export products to other nations:
  1. Allopathic Drug
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Nutraceuticals
  4. Herbal
  5. Veterinary


We offer a diverse range of products in a variety of categories, such as

How Casca Remedies Export Medicines Overseas?

What makes us the Best Pharma Export Company in India

Casca Remedies, a pharmaceutical exporter, is the best Pharma Export Company in India. We have huge experience and expertise in Medicine Export from India to over 40+ countries worldwide. For successful and smooth medicines export from India, we provide a complete range of documents to our client. We also offer frequent updates on the latest policies, industry trends and regulatory information relating to the pharmaceutical industry.

Documents required for exporting Pharma Products from India

  1. Company PAN number
  2. Incorporation Certificate
  3. Turnover Certificate for the last 3 years
  4. DGFT Code
  5. Importer Exporter Certificate
  6. Director KYC documents
  7. Certificate of analysis of each product
  8. Certificate of pharmaceutical product (COPP)
  9. WHO – GMP certification
  10. Shipping Bill
  11. Packing List
  12. Invoice
  13. List of countries in which the product has been approved, rejected and withdrawn

Benefits of choosing Casca Remedies as the Medicine Exporter from India to other countries:

  • High quality of medicines
  • Fast and timely delivery of orders
  • Huge range of products covering every disease
  • The ability to resolve your queries through your computer or smartphone via website & mobile application.
  • In house IT Support for your online presence.
  • In house Innovation.
  • We make sure you have a clear contract with us for your products.
  • Our prices are most competitive in comparison to our competitors.

Product Dossier containing the following details

  • Product details
  • Approved generic name
  • Strength per dosage
  • Dosage form
  • Visual description
  • Details regarding the packaging
  • List of all active pharmaceutical ingredients with their properties
  • Sites of manufacture and method of synthesis
  • Stability testing
  • Efficacy and safety

Steps involved in Medicine Export from India:

1. Confirm the agent who will help you with the registration of products in the importing country.

2. Get a business license for your company which will be issued by the Indian Government with a specific cost.

3. Get permission from Indian State FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

4. Make all export documents such as CTD, COA, Invoice, Packing List etc., available to Indian FDA

5. Send the medicine export forms along with all relevant documents such as import license, bill of ladings and other related documents to Indian FDA for initial inspection before the shipment can be released

6. After initial inspection by Indian FDA, take clearance certificate for importing medicines from India along with other necessary documents for overseas customs clearance like original invoice, packing list, certificate of analysis etc., to the customs.