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Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd has been working since 1988 to improve the overall health quotient of the Indian society. In 2021, We became the first pharmaceutical company in India to accept payment using credit card or e-wallets from our clients against their GST invoice without any additional cost. This payment option indirectly provides our client a credit facility effectively from the very first billing with us which no other pharmaceutical company in India provides today.

What is PCD Pharma Franchise?

As the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most flourishing industries in the world, the PCD pharma franchise is a great way to enter the industry and be a part of the pharma world. It doesn’t require high investments or a specialized skill. It is a great way for beginners to learn about business.

PCD Franchise means propaganda-cum-distribution under which a parent pharma company provides exclusive marketing, selling and distribution rights to a franchise business owner. PCD pharma franchise model may also provide monopoly rights to the franchise business owner for a particular territory.

India is a major producer of pharmaceutical products, with over 10,500 companies operating in the sector. The global demand for Indian pharmaceutical products is high, and more and more companies are looking to enter the Indian market. However, it can be difficult for manufacturing companies to distribute their products across India and the world on their own. This is where PCD pharma franchise companies in India come in.

Scope of Investing in PCD Pharma Franchise Business

  • 1. Third Largest Pharma Market – Indian market holds 3rd place in the global market which gives a pool of opportunities to the entrepreneurs. With the ever-growing population the domestic as well as global demand is growing. This results in generating higher profits and lower per unit cost.
  • 2. Healthcare Infrastructure Indian government is focused to develop the healthcare infrastructure in the country and this has attracted a lot of international patients which gives a great opportunity to the PCD pharma franchisees to generate business.
  • 3. Diverse Portfolio – There are multiple products an entity can deal in like injectables, drugs, liquid and other pharmaceutical products.
  • 4. Exclusive Territories – PCD pharma franchise model generally provides a designated area to the pharma franchise holder. This helps them grow their businesses without having to fear competition from the same parent company. This helps the business to focus on other competitors and grow their names.
  • 5. Government Initiatives – The Indian government has introduced several initiatives to promote domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing, including the “Make in India” campaign and the “Pharma Vision.” These initiatives encourage indigenous production and create a favorable environment for pharma businesses.

Benefits and Advantages of PCD Pharma Franchise

The ocean of pharmaceutical industry brings more benefits with every deep dive. It not only helps a business to establish on its own and provide full autonomy in a controlled environment with the support from the parent company.

The franchisee is provided with access to all the marketing and distribution networks in association with the parent pharmaceutical company. Few of the major benefits of the PCD pharma franchise model is low investment, marketing and distribution support along with high profit margins. As the parent company holds a good reputation in the market, so do the products. These products are already trusted by the people and are in demand which makes it easier for the franchisee to build a business.

Low Investment Capital
Low Risk Factor
Large Profits
Monopoly Rights
Marketing support
Determined Area Allocation

Why choose Casca Remedies as your PCD Pharma Franchise partner?

  • Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd is a leading PCD pharma franchise company in India, certified by the WHO, GMP, and ISO. 
  • With our well developed marketing network across the country and globe, we are able to spread our products in deepest markets.
  • We offer low-cost, high-quality products and support our franchisees to achieve high profit margins.
  • We have our own R&D lab and in house quality control to ensure best quality products.
  • Well trained and capable staff that will provide you with all the required support.

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    What makes Casca Remedies the best PCD Pharma Franchise company in India?

    why choose casca remedies
    High Profit Margin
    35 years of Experience
    Highest quality products
    1500+ products portfolio
    Offers High-Quality Marketing and Promotional Materials
    Mobile Application for Easy Access to Product Catalog and Order Placement

      How much investment is required to start a PCD Pharma Franchise?

      Investing in PCD Pharma Franchise can be a manageable amount of money. Generally, the investment required from 15 thousand to as much as you want depending on factors such as size, location, and company reputation.

      Are marketing and promotional benefits available?

      Yes, of course as a PCD Pharma Franchise company is already established and has brand recognition. We will definitely provide marketing and promotional benefits to the franchisee to increase its marketing network.

      What necessary documents are required?

      A drug license and GST license are required.

      Will I get sales targets?

      We definitely don’t want you to lose your focus and always stay motivated. Sales targets provide a clear focus and direction for the PCD Pharma franchise business owners. They know what is expected of them, which helps them prioritize their efforts and activities.

      Who Can Apply for The Franchise Of A Pharma Business?

      Any individual who has or does not have a pharma background can apply for the franchise of pharma. Even if you don’t have enough sales experience in the pharma business, Casca will help you with stepping into the pharma industry.

      What is Monopoly right in the PCD Pharma Franchise?

      Under this right, the franchisor provides exclusive marketing and selling rights to the franchisee in a geographical location. Hence, there will not be any competition with the same parent company.

      What’s the difference between the PCD franchise and the Pharma franchise?

      The main difference between PCD and pharma franchises is the size. PCD works in smaller areas with less needed investment, whereas pharma franchise works in large areas with a huge amount of investment needed.

      Is it available in your area?

       Let’s get on a call! Call us on -8900000092

      Should I consider the PCD Pharma Franchise a good investment?

      An individual gets many benefits which directly leads to earning high profits in this business. So, it is surely a good investment.