Looking for a Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer for Honey Cough Syrup?

Looking for an Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer for honey cough syrup

Are you trying to find an Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer

Well, owning a PCD franchise for honey cough syrup might be one of the best options for a franchise business. Well, cough syrups containing honey are the most proven and effective formulation to treat mild to chronic coughs.

Honey has many proven medicinal properties and is used worldwide for cough and cold treatment. The antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties of honey make it the first choice to get rid of persistent coughing. 

Worldwide use of honey in the treatment of cough and colds

During the early days before the advancement of medical science, honey syrup was considered an elixir that could heal any burn or wound. In those days, people used honey to treat burns, wounds, coughing, and colds by making honey tea or honey-containing herbal blends. By using honey, they cure many common ailments related to colds, coughs, and bacterial infections. 

But now, in modern times, when we have access to advanced medical science, many cough syrup manufacturers are using honey as a cough relieving agent in their bottled cough syrups. Honey has been used as a “USP” in cough syrups. Numerous pharmaceutical companies have been advertising their cough syrup as containing “honey,” a premium active cough treatment ingredient.

Benefits of using honey cough syrups

Honey as the prime cough relieving agent is the first choice of every Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer. These herbal cough syrups have many cough-relieving herbs blended with honey to effectively treat persistent coughs.

Herbs like Tulsi (basil leaf), Mulethi (liquorice), and Haldi (turmeric) are some amazing cough-treating agents. A blend of honey, tulsi, mulethi, and turmeric is an infallible remedy for chronic coughs and severe colds.

Now let us understand why this Ayurvedic blend of herbs is the first choice of pharma manufacturers. 

  • Honey: We all know that honey is a natural ingredient that we gain from honey bees. In nearly every other culture and country, we can see the use of honey for curing and treating various ailments. Also, it has been used as a cough-relieving agent around the world. The antibacterial properties of honey help to relieve coughs by killing the infection-causing bacteria in the throat. Using honey for coughing related to allergic asthma and bronchitis could be very beneficial as it provides relief from persistent coughing. 
  • Tulsi (Basil): Most honey cough syrups contain tulsi as another cough-relieving agent. Tulsi has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that are very useful in treating coughs, and blending with honey can produce miraculous results in the treatment of coughs and colds.  
  • Mulethi (liquorice): Mulethi is an herb that is mentioned in old scriptures of Ayurveda. Mulethi is an Ayurvedic medicine for coughs. It provides relief by eliminating congested mucus from the throat. Its anti-inflammatory properties reduce throat inflammation and swelling caused by a persistent cough and bacterial infection. 
  • Haldi (Turmeric): Haldi has antibacterial and antiviral properties. This is a well-known herbal ingredient that is used to cure many diseases. Turmeric can provide relief of cough from viral and bacterial infections.  

Ayurvedic PCD franchise for Honey cough syrup

Now, talking about the business opportunities involving cough syrups, one must consider owning an Ayurvedic PCD franchise for cough syrups. Herbal and ayurvedic cough syrups are the first of the public to get rid of coughing. These cough syrups have all-natural ingredients to cure coughs.

Unlike other drug-based cough syrups, which cause drowsiness after consumption, these are free from any side effects and have a quick effect on coughing. All these practical and positive benefits of Ayurvedic cough syrups make them a potential product for owning a franchise for better profit. 

Due to the public’s awareness of herbal products, these herbal cough syrups already have a lucrative market presence and sales. In fact, it would be very easy to make a distribution and franchise business around Ayurvedic honey cough syrup

We, as Casca Remedies, are offering a PCD franchise for our in-house manufactured honey cough syrup branded asHerbocas syrup”. This cough syrup consists of honey, Tulsi, Mulethi and Turmeric which is the perfect combination to treat any kind of cough.

Taking a franchise right from Casca Remedies for this cough syrup would be a great business opportunity for every franchisee. Just browse our website and find more information about our range of herbal and Ayurvedic products.

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