Capsule Manufacturing

Casca Remedies is a leading capsule manufacturing company in India. The ISO, GMP, and WHO certified manufacturing facilities guarantee top high quality products for their customers. Our company is backed by an innovative Research and Development Department that works consistently to provide the latest and excellent formulations. The best thing about Casca Remedies is all our manufacturing is automated, which means bye bye to low quality, damaged, and adulterated products. Choosing Casca Remedies as your capsule manufacturer means choosing a better care free future for yourself.

Given below is the list of capsules formulation we offer at Casca Remedies. Browse through our extensive range of products. And send us a quote for all your third party manufacturing needs.

Capsule Manufacturing Process

Casca Remedies is a leader in the custom pharmaceutical and nutraceutical capsule manufacturing industry, as well as a leader in offering customer support with each order. This is after all, the key to having repeat business. And repeat business is what we’re all looking for when it comes to supplying customers around the globe with their unique needs. I’m proud of our list of achievements and happy to be working alongside the rest of our staff right here at Casca remedies.

What Distinguishes Us from Other Capsule Manufacturers?

Researching the right company to work with when it comes to capsule manufacturing can be time-consuming for new Capsule Manufacturers in India.  With over 34 years of capsule manufacturing experience, our team knows what it takes to deliver your high-quality products on time and budget.Our team will make sure your business stays on track from the first day to the last by assisting you in contract negotiations and project management.

Key Service Benefits


We’re your source for capsule manufacturing, all types of high-quality capsules – hard, soft, gelatin, vegetable-based, and more>>> capsules manufacturing.


Our production minimums for capsule manufacturing orders start between 500 and 1000 capsules boxes. We follow our strict production processes to ensure your capsules are of the highest quality.


The facilities we as capsules manufacturers, contain fully and semi-automatic machinery and equipment which means fast product turnaround times for you!


We also offer award-winning graphic design, packaging, and fulfillment services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much powder can fit inside a capsule?

It depends on the capsule size and material’s going into the capsule. The density of the blend is a major contributing factor of how much can fit by total weight.

Are capsules better than tablets?

That depends on the application of the product, as well as who the end-user is. Some products are simply better suited as a tablet, and vice versa.

Can I get samples of my capsules made?

Yes, but this will come as a charge. Capsule samples are not created the same way as a flavor sample since an encapsulation machine is used.

What is a capsule in the pharmaceutical industry?

Capsules are solid dosage forms in which the active medicament are enclosed in either a hard or soft soluble container or shell of a suitable form of gelatin. OR. Capsules are solid dosage forms in which drug and/or inert substances are enclosed in a gelatin shell.

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