Calcium Suspension Animals Feed: Use, benefits & Side Effects


Masses are taking care of their health issues, self-care routines, and other major areas nowadays. However, if we look into our ecosystem then the smooth running of the ecosystem is due to the better running of plants, animals, and human beings. It is made up of living and non-living things. In our lives today both living as well as non living things play a crucial role in running our lives successfully on earth. There is a crucial role animals play in the lives of humans. We humans use animals for various purposes including transportation, farming, food, recreation, companionship, etc. However, taking care of the animals for your goods is also crucial as animals like human beings are also prone to diseases and sensitive health issues.

Adoremin Gold: Calcium Suspension feed 

Animals fulfill our various needs of milk, food and farming, clothes, etc. However, by fulfilling these needs the animals also get many deficiencies in their body and one of the most common deficiencies is calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency in animals can weaken their bones, and body mass and cause health issues like arthritis, and osteoporosis. To cope with this solution we Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd brings the best solution for the animals, ADOREMIN GOLD one of the best calcium suspension feed for animals.

What Is Calcium Suspension Feed for Animals?



Manufacturers: Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd (Fluffdore)

Packaging Type: Jar/Can

Packing Sizes: 1/5/10/20/25 Liters

Uses, benefits, and drawbacks of calcium suspension feed

Adoremin Gold assists the masses in increasing the calcium levels in their animals. It is a calcium suspension feed that helps in strengthening the bones, increasing muscle mass, and better health of animals. 

Uses of Calcium suspension feed  

Treatment of hypocalcemia(low calcium levels)

It helps to treat calcium issues in premature infants 

In patients with hypoparathyroidism or any other situation that causes low calcium levels. 

Prevention of neonatal hypocalcemia 

It treats premature infants or infants who develop the risk of low calcium levels. 

Benefits of Calcium suspension feed 


It assists in treating heartburn and indigestion by balancing stomach acids.

Dietary supplement 

Fulfills additional calcium needs of a body, it fulfills the calcium needs that can not fulfilled by the body. 

Strengthens bones 

Better calcium intake assures the best bone health for the animals. If you can add the calcium suspension feed in the routine then your animals will experience better bone health. 

Different packaging types of calcium suspension feed

Below are the different packaging in which the calcium suspension feed is available for the masses:

  • 1 ltr plastic can
  • 2 ltr plastic can 
  • 5 ltr plastic can
  • 5 ltr stainless steel can
  • 10 ltr plastic can
  • 10 ltr stainless steel can
  • 20 ltr plastic can

Manufacturers and suppliers of Calcium suspension feed

We Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd is a third party manufacturing and PCD pharma franchise company in India. We offer the best services in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, animal feed supplements, and herbal cosmetics services in the Indian pharmaceutical market. Our firm is the top-rated quality-assured manufacturing firm in India. To get our franchise or to outsource your pharma, veterinary, or cosmetics manufacturing order to us, you have to give us a call at +918900000092

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