Cefixime Dry Syrup for Paediatric Use

Cefixime Dry Syrup for Paediatric Use

Cefixime is used to treat bacterial infections in the human body. It is effective against common infections such as the throat, nose, sinus, UTI, pneumonia, and lungs. Cefixime dry syrup is manufactured for paediatric use. Children below a certain age cannot swallow pills and capsules, so to make Cefixime consumable for children, pharma manufacturers produce this medicine as dry syrup. 

What are Dry Syrups?

Dry syrup is a medicine that can be used in liquid form to give to small children who are unable to swallow tablets. They can easily consume a little 2 ml or 5 ml (as directed by pediatrician’s) of liquid syrup. These medicines are available in a packet of powdered medicine and sterilized water. One should mix both to form a liquid syrup before giving it to children. 

Cefixime Oral Suspension 50 mg Uses

Compared to adults, children are more vulnerable to viral infections. Babies are particularly susceptible to the effects of bacterial infections because of their weak immune systems. These infections may produce symptoms in children such as fever, chills, coughs, colds, and symptoms similar to flu.

In these infections, they require a common and safe antibiotic. Therefore, cefixime is best to treat such kinds of viral and bacterial infections. Cefixime oral suspension 50 mg is available on the market, and most doctors prefer this for paediatric uses. 

PCD Pharma Franchise for paediatric medicines

The paediatric medicine market is fairly big in India.

And why shouldn’t it?

We are 1.6 billion in population. However, common and general medicines for children have a bigger share in the pharmacy market. Many pharma companies and manufacturers are exclusively operating in paediatric medicines to capitalize and capture a larger market share.

Among them, most pharma companies offer PCD franchises for children’s pharma medicines and products. In this scenario, a PCD pharma franchise for Cefixime dry syrup is one of the most promising franchises in the pharma industry. It has great potential for sales throughout the country. It is probably the right product for a franchise business in the paediatric medicine category. 

Top pharma franchise company in India for paediatric medicines 

The most reliable and well-known manufacturers in India currently control the majority of the market for paediatric medications. The manufacturing of paediatric medicines must be done with ethics and highly responsible production units. Rigorous testing and advanced manufacturing processes are necessary to secure the best quality of medicines. 

All these attributes apply to one manufacturing company, Casca Remedies. We are the most trusted and reliable paediatric medicine manufacturer in India. We welcome every pharmaceutical company or individual to join our franchise programmes for Cefixime dry syrup.

We are an honorable pharma franchise company in India that holds WHO- GMP certification. We manufacture CASXIM- 50 (Cefixime 50 mg/ 5 ml with water) Cefixime oral suspension. Join us for the best pharma franchise options with fruitful opportunities.

Together, we will deliver the best in the Indian healthcare system. 

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