Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection manufacturers and suppliers

Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection manufacturers and suppliers in India

Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection combines two medicines used to treat various bacterial infections. This combinational drug injection is a powerful antibiotic that kills infectious bacteria. This antibiotic injection is preferred to treat severe infections in the human body. These injectable antibiotics are useful for curing bacterial infections when other antibiotics and tablets become ineffective against infections. 

Infectious bacteria produce a chemical inside the host body, making us seriously sick. The symptoms of bacterial infections vary by the infected organ and part of the body; however, common symptoms include fever, chills, and body aches. 

Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection Uses

Ceftriaxone and Sulbactam are two antibiotics combined to treat serious bacterial infections. These injections are used to treat bacterial meningitis, pneumonia, serious ear and throat infections, and acute urinary infections; in other words, they are used for severe and recurring infections. 

However, antibiotic injections are more useful in treating serious infections in comparison to pills and tablets. Pills and tablets are bound to a particular potency and cannot be manufactured or given to patients by oral means. Hence, injectable antibiotics are more effective because they can be injected directly into the bloodstream and kill bacteria faster than pills. 

Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection can treat a variety of infections. Whereas ceftriaxone is a bacteria killer, it prevents bacteria from forming protective cell walls against antibiotics. On the other hand, sulbactam prevents bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Together, they are very effective against growing and infectious bacteria. 

Side Effects of Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection

Side effects usually occur when using any antibiotic for longer periods of time. In some cases, longer uses are advised to eliminate the recurring infection permanently. In these situations, a few or more side effects could be seen in some patients, such as loose stools, constipation, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), pimples, dry mouth, and vomiting. To address side effects and their symptoms, physicians also prescribe medications that treat symptoms. 

Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection manufacturers and suppliers in India

The Indian pharma market has been a blooming ground for every pharma company. The manufacturing of injectables has crossed every limit. With the advancement and upliftment of the healthcare system in India, medicines, injections, and other pharma products have become a central part of the third party pharma manufacturing business. 

Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection manufacturers and suppliers in India

Brand: Castop-S 1.5 Gm Injection

Composition: Ceftriaxone 1000 mg + Sulbactam 500 mg

In this venture, you can find reliable Ceftriaxone Sulbactam Injection manufacturers and suppliers in the form of Casca Remedies. We manufacture Castop-S 1.5 Gm Injection. This antibiotic injection has a formulation of “Ceftriaxone 1000 mg + Sulbactam 500 mg,” which is of fine quality and most effective against serious bacterial infections. We are dedicated to serving the Indian healthcare industry with pure goodwill, innovation, and fine-quality manufacturing. 

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