Esomeprazole Sodium injection manufacturers and suppliers

Esomeprazole Sodium 40 mg Injection

Esomeprazole injection is used to treat GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Esomeprazole sodium injection manufacturers and suppliers are distributing these injections to various brands. These injections are vital in treating GERD. GERD is a gastroreflux disease where the stomach releases an extra amount of digestive acids, and these acids reflux back to the Esophagus and create erosive ulcers after penetrating the lining of the stomach and Esophagus. 

Chronic acidity transforms into GERD, which is a serious inflammation of the stomach, bladder, and Esophagus. When acid present in the stomach starts reflecting up to the Esophagus (a tube that connects the throat to the stomach), that acid penetrates the protective lining of the stomach, and the Esophagus damages the soft tissue and causes inflammation and pain. 

GERD can turn into cancer if left untreated. It can cause ulcers in the Esophagus and stomach, and those ulcers can cause serious trouble. Therefore, esomeprazole sodium injections are recommended to treat GERD. These injections stop the stomach from producing more acid; in fact, they reduce the acid amount in the stomach to prevent further damage and help in the healing of the tissues.

Esomeprazole injection uses 

Esomeprazole sodium injections are generally used to give temporary relief from GERD. The symptoms of GERD are acute acidity, constipation, pain in the stomach, vomiting, and severe inflammation around the abdomen. This esomeprazole sodium injection can provide relief from these symptoms by reducing the acid amount and its reflection back into the Esophagal tube. The pharmaceutical unit uses esomeprazole sodium for injection manufacturing to produce a line of treatments for GERD. because, along with other medications, these injections can treat GERD in a very effective way. 

Acid reflux is a very common problem. We all must have experienced acid reflux in our lives. Acid coming to the mouth, a sour mouth, heartburn, and bloating are the most common symptoms associated with acid reflux. But if these symptoms are persistent and ignored, they can develop into GERD, and when left untreated, GERD can turn into cancer. That is why timely treatment and medication for GERD are necessary. 

Best Esomeprazole Sodium injection manufacturers and suppliers in India 

As we have discussed enough about the use of esomeprazole injection, GERD, its symptoms, and treatment through esomeprazole sodium injection, Now we will delve into the manufacturing and distribution of these injections in India. Many pharmaceutical companies handle the branding of esomeprazole sodium injection, but the majority of them contract out the manufacturing process to other manufacturers. And among them, “Casca Remedies” is the most trusted and best third party Esomeprazole Sodium injection manufacturer and supplier. 

Casca Remedies is a well-known manufacturer and franchise distributor in India. Casca also produces “NEXOCAS” injection, (Composition: Esomeprazole Sodium 40 mg), which is the best and most highly prescribed injection in severe GERD cases. Casca manufactures this injection for many big pharmaceutical brands, and their own in-house NEXOCAS is the best quality pharmaceutical product. 

In conclusion, NEXOCAS injection is most effective for treating GERD and acid reflux disease, Casca Remedies also offers third party manufacturing for esomeprazole injections. We maintain the same quality as ours, and we guarantee bulk production and continue supply with timely delivery for our clients. 

Esomeprazole Sodium 40 mg Injection

Brand Name: NEXOCAS

Composition: Esomeprazole Sodium 40 mg Injection

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