Febuxostat tablet manufacturers and suppliers

Febuxostat tablets

Febuxostat tablet manufacturers in India are churning great profits in the pharma industry by boosting sales of these tablets in recent years. Actually, the reason behind the high sale of these tablets is an ailment for that these tablets are used. These tablets are used to treat Gout and increased uric acid levels in blood. 

When allopurinol tablets do not work for some patients, Febuxostat becomes the alternate line of treatment to reduce uric acid and treat gout with pain and inflammation. It is useful in reducing joint pain and uric acid. Foods high in purines cause the body to produce uric acid, which is a waste product that exits the body through urine. A rise in blood uric acid causes crystals to form in joints, causing pain and inflammation. 

Febuxostat tablets uses

It is used to lower the uric acid level in the blood. People suffering from gout often have high levels of uric acid that cause joint pain and inflammation. Sometimes doctors also diagnose high uric acid levels in arthritis patients. In these conditions, Febuxostat tablets are used to lower the uric acid level. It relieves joint pain associated with arthritis and Gout. It prevents the formation of excess uric acid. It is used to treat kidney stones, osteoarthritis, gout, arthritis, and problems associated with elevated uric acid. It is a member of the xanthine oxidase inhibitor class. Daily use of these tablets has the advantage of gradually lowering the body’s uric acid levels, preventing gout attacks and excruciating joint pain. 

Manufacturing business of Febuxostat tablets

Febuxostat tablets are being manufactured on a large scale, so these tablets have an attractive opportunity to build a distribution business around them. Casca Remedies is one of the prime third party manufacturers of Febuxostat tablets.

Casca Remedies manufactures FEBOCAS-40/ FEBOCAS-80 tablets (composition: Febuxostat 40 mg/ Febuxostat 80 mg) for the treatment of Gout and its related symptoms. These tablets are effective in lowering high levels of uric acids. 

These tablets are used to treat specific body ailments which is why its market is narrow and profitable without much competition. Casca Remedies has a large manufacturing unit and can produce large quantities of these medicines with superior quality. They also offer the most cost-effective third-party manufacturing of medicines. Among all the third party manufacturing, Casca has the fastest delivery system and a sublime supply of consignments, which is why it has hundreds of satisfied customers in the pharma market.

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