Is Third Party Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Beneficial?


An Indian third party manufacturer of pharmaceutical products sought an increase in demand after the 2021 pandemic. From 2017 to 2021, global spending on healthcare grew exponentially, reaching USD 1.17 trillion in 2021. After the Covid crisis, people are becoming more concerned about their health and are looking for affordable pharmaceutical products.

Many pharmaceutical companies outsource the manufacturing of their products to third party manufacturing Companies. These manufacturing companies provide an easy way for marketing companies to cater new audiences and reach new heights. A pharmaceutical supply chain starts with the production of active ingredients, which are then processed into dose forms, packaged, and tested. The supply chain transfers goods to distribution centers, where they are distributed to different parts of the country. To ensure security of supply, some key factors challenge the traditional pharmaceutical company model: security of supply, specialist capabilities, in-licensing, product lifecycle management, market access, and cost optimization.

Casca Remedies third party pharmaceutical manufacturing facilitates a bridge between the manufacturer and the organization/ hospitals in need of high standard products. Which is beneficial to third party pharmaceutical manufacturing for pharma companies. Third party manufacturing is the process in which the company signs a contract with a third party manufacturing company to manufacture their medicines and products. It is also known as contract manufacturing.

Process Of Third Party Pharma Manufacturing

Process Of Third parties are involved in more than just manufacturing, packaging, and transporting. Businesses employ third party manufacturing companies to develop new products, perform specialized processing such as radiation sterilization, conduct product testing, transport medicine at the right temperatures, and much more.


In order to begin the process of contracting a third party to manufacture, we must first finalize the quantity of the product you would like to order. In addition, the composition of that product should be considered as well, in order to assure that the minimum order quantities are met. For tablets and capsules, our minimum quantity is usually between 500-1000 Boxes—or 50000-100000 tablets. When finalizing the size of a production run, you must make sure that your manufacturer has approval for said composition.


After finalized the quantity of product and composition for contract manufacturing, we’ll send you a quotation that outlines all manufacturing costs. A quotation includes the cost of production and packaging, plus any additional expenses (such as securities if any in case of smaller units). Contract manufacturing also includes shipping charges on materials, ingredients, or other products that you have to purchase in order to use the contract manufacturer’s services.


To get a product made, you need to provide several documents. Some basic documents include Drug license(in case of pharma products) and GST number. Drug license is issued by your local Food and Drug authorities and is required for Third party manufacturing. DL is of 2 types, one for retail and one for wholesale. GST number is issued by the Government of India and is required for Third party manufacturing. In some cases, you may need to provide additional documents, such as a Non-Resemblance Certificate.


GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. A company that makes sure its drugs adhere to GMP guidelines has to follow certain quality standards during the manufacturing process laid down by the health authorities.


We Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd. typically take 15-20 days to manufacture, ship, and deliver third party products.

Third Party Manufacturing Service With Casca Remedies

Casca Remedies is one of India’s leading third party pharma manufacturers, providing facilities like third party pharma manufacturing services to pharmaceutical organizations/hospitals. Casca helps in such access only according to the rules and regulations of the country.

  • Casca Remedies is an online platform that connects buyers and manufacturers in India. We have more than hundred manufacturing companies in our Network.
  • Casca Remedies selects a manufacturing partner according to the buyer’s specific Requirement.
  • Casca Remedies is run by a team of professionals who have worked in this industry for many years.
  • At Casca Remedies, we offer 100% transparency in the whole  process.
  • Casca Remedies has consistently provided the best quality product.
  • Casca has been exporting and supplying products since 1988.
  • Casca Remedies partners with many pharmaceutical companies to produce generic drugs.
  • The Indian pharmaceutical industry has a large number of manufacturing facilities approved by USFDA.

Casca Remedies works with pharmaceutical companies as a third party manufacturer of their products:

When you’re selling your goods to a foreign country, regulatory documents like the Certificate of Analysis (COA), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP), and a Full Capacity Study (FSC), FDA are required. You should understand these documents before you sell to a foreign company. 

  • We will shortlist products based on your requests.
  • Consent of the buyer is necessary
  • Finalising and art work (printing matter placed on pharmaceutical product’s packing material as label, carton or leaflet)
  • We provide the ordered product in appropriate condition and with required documents.

For more info about third party manufacturing, you can contact us at [email protected] or call us at 9034152525.

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