Rosuvastatin Fenofibrate Tablets manufacturer and suppliers

Rosuvastatin Fenofibrate Tablets are used to control elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood. Increased cholesterol levels pose a great risk for heart disease and heart attacks. It is also a reason for hypertension in patients. There are generally two types of cholesterol in our body, generally, they are termed as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. In medical terms, HDL is good cholesterol, which should be higher than 60, and LDL is bad cholesterol, which must remain under 100 in a healthy person. So many factors affect these cholesterol levels in the human body. Let us elaborate on how our lifestyle and other habits impact cholesterol levels. 

Factors affecting Cholesterol levels

There may be so many factors that can affect the level of cholesterol. Most of these factors influence the bad cholesterol to elevate to dangerous levels. Our lifestyle, eating habits and some medicine may also influence cholesterol levels. 

Sedentary lifestyles: Sedentary lifestyles not only lead to high cholesterol but also open other gateways to enter other diseases into your body. When a person leads a sedentary lifestyle, they become vulnerable to high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other health-related ailments. When a person does not burn enough calories, the body accumulates extra fat and sugar. Later,  these fats and sugar start narrowing the arteries and leading to heart issues. 

Unhealthy eating habits: Another evil that affects cholesterol is bad eating habits. Overeating sugary, oily, junk, and spicy food regularly directly elevates bad cholesterol (LDL), making our arteries thick and narrow. Elevated cholesterol levels form a greasy, sticky substance that accumulates in arteries and forms a covering over the heart that could lead to heart stroke and failure.

Diabetes: Diabetes plays a major role in spoiling your health. Too much sugar in the blood can lead to elevated cholesterol rapidly. And we know elevated levels of cholesterol are bad for heart health. It is also responsible for blockage in the heart and veins. 

All these situations lead to elevated levels of bad cholesterol, and people with high cholesterol are advised to consume medicines like Rosuvastatin Fenofibrate Tablets that can take down bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol levels. 

Rosuvastatin Fenofibrate Tablets uses

These tablets are vital for increasing cholesterol levels. Regular use of these tablets may reduce bad cholesterol and promote good ones. With little exercise and physical activity, anyone can reduce cholesterol levels with the help of these tablets. 

Rosuvastatin: This medicine helps lower cholesterol in the blood by preventing the formation of bad cholesterol, LDL, which is a greasy substance that forms in the blood and makes arteries narrow.

Fenofibrate: Fenofibrate is used to lower the already elevated bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood. Together, both medicines work well in controlling and lowering cholesterol. 

Rosuvastatin Fenofibrate Tablets manufacturers and suppliers in India

Cholesterol-lowering tablets have a huge market in the Indian pharma industry. Due to the increase in cardiovascular diseases among people, most of them are diagnosed with elevated cholesterol. This situation has presented an opportunity for pharma companies to take advantage of the increasing demand for such medicines. That is why many pharma companies are hiring third party pharma manufacturing companies to produce these medicines for them. 

Brand Name: ROSOCAS-F 10 Tablets Composition: Rosuvastatin 10 mg + Fenofibrate 160 mg Tablets

In conclusion, Casca Remedies manufactures ROSOCAS-F 10 Tablets, (Composition: Rosuvastatin 10 mg + Fenofibrate 160 mg Tablets). These tablets are the top quality product of our production unit. We offer third party manufacturing of these tablets for other pharma companies. Partner with us for more details about our manufacturing services in India. 

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