Vildagliptin Metformin tablets manufacturer and supplier

Vildagliptin metformin tablets are the most effective medicine to treat diabetes. This combination is the best anti-diabetic formulation. This medicine doesn’t only control diabetes; it also helps regulate blood sugar levels. 

What is type 2 diabetes? 

Type 2 diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops or releases low insulin. Insulin regulates the sugar in the blood. It breaks and processes sugar into energy. Due to any reason if this process is disrupted, it turns into diabetes. When a person’s blood sugar remains high and does not come down with anti-diabetic drugs, that person is diagnosed as a diabetic patient. Later, to control that elevated blood sugar level, doctors prescribe anti-diabetic medicines such as Vildagliptin metformin tablets

Vildagliptin Metformin tablets uses

Unfortunately, we Indians have the largest population of diabetic patients in the world. All the major pharmaceutical companies in India manufacture anti-diabetic medicines. However, diabetes can not be controlled solely by medicines, a little workout, exercise and walking is always advisable to keep blood glucose below the danger line. Let us understand how vildagliptin metformin tablets work to keep sugar levels down to normal. 

Vildagliptin: Vildagliptin promotes the pancreas to release more insulin to break down sugar content in the blood. In this way, it helps keep blood glucose down. 

Metformin: Metformin, on the other hand, is an FDA-approved anti-diabetic drug. It is used to control type 2 diabetes in adolescents. It controls the excretion of sugar from the liver, and in combination with vildagliptin, it regulates the sugar well enough to keep it under control. 

How to consume anti-diabetic medicines? 

Certain precautions need to be considered before consuming anti-diabetic medicines. Doctors are usually advised to consume these medicines 30 minutes before the morning meal. Do not skip the meal after taking the medicine. Take medicine regularly at the same time to control diabetes effectively. Start a little exercise routine, walk as much as you can, and most importantly, avoid a sedentary lifestyle. 

Third party manufacturing of Vildagliptin Metformin tablets

The manufacturing aspect of vital anti-diabetic tablets involves large production facilities throughout the nation. In India, one out of every other citizen suffers from diabetes. That is the reason manufacturing plays a heroic role in meeting the required demand and supply in our country. This has become possible due to the facilities of third party manufacturing companies that produce large volumes of medicines for other low-scale pharmaceutical companies. Regarding third-party production services, Casca Remedies has been transforming the pharmaceutical industry by providing the most cost-effective and top-quality medicine manufacturing services. 

Brand Name: VILDACAS-M 500 Composition: Vildagliptin 50 mg & Metformin 500 mg tablets

We produce medicines in our prestigious and technologically advanced manufacturing unit, established in Ambala, Haryana. We are offering our third party pharma manufacturing services to support the betterment of the health care system in India. Become our partner and join our quest to make India No. 1 in the pharmaceutical sector of the whole world. 

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