Conquering the Global Market: Pharma Exports with Casca Remedies

India is the 5th largest economy in the world and a major chunk of growth contribution is from the pharmaceutical industry which is the 3rd largest industry globally. As India also houses the largest population, the cost of labor is quite low in the country. This results in quality production at lower rates. India is known for its health tourism and the government is also promoting it with full force. Hence, the best decision for an entity can be to jump on the bandwagon of Pharma Exports and become a pharma export company in India

With the ever-increasing demand for pharmaceutical products, many companies have started to trade goods or manufacture under third party contract manufacturing with big brand names. For example, company A can be an exporter and export in the MEA region, now they can either manufacture their products or get the product in demand manufactured under third-party contract manufacturing and sell it under their brand names. There are multiple clauses or situations to this, let’s understand a few-

  • Where we are both the manufacturer and the marketed by the company- As the product is manufactured in bulk quantity when it comes to exporting, in some cases, traders don’t want to showcase their company’s name on the boxes. Under this situation, both the manufacturer and the marketed by the company are the manufacturer’s name. For example, if company A wants to export the goods to Afghanistan but doesn’t want to establish its name in the Afghani market, it can ask Casca for this and Casca will be both the manufacturer and “ Marketed by” name on the boxes exported to Afghanistan.
  • Where we are the manufacturer and yours is the marketed company- Under this situation, where Casca is the manufacturer and company A is the exporter, they would want this to be printed on the box like “ Manufactured by Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd and Marketed by company A”
  • Where we provide products on neutral code means manufactured by detail is missing and yours is the marketed company- In some exceptional cases, the exporter doesn’t want any manufacturers’ details printed on the box, hence, Casca is also open to this option. This is known as “A neutral code” Agreement. Under this Company A and Casca both mutually agree to omit Casca’s name. Therefore, the boxes will be printed as “ Marketed by Company A.”
  • Benefits of Neutral Code- One of the direct benefits of a neutral code policy is that company A’s name will not be confused with any other brand name. This directly increases the chance of brand retention in customers’ minds and repurchase of the product.

How to be a direct exporting partner with Casca?

Casca is one of the biggest pharma export companies in India and it has been providing ample opportunities to others to be associated with us and increase the Pharma Exports multi-fold.

  1.  Third party contract manufacturing’s umbrella– An entity can be a pharma trader or pharma manufacturer, either way, they might need Casca to manufacture a product or list of products for them. Now, they can sell it in both domestic as well as international markets. This process of outsourcing the production of a required product is third party contract manufacturing. This is the easiest way to export the products.
  2. Trading the pharma products- A company can buy the products from Casca at X rupees and sell them in the international markets at X+profit rupees.

In either of the set-up being associated with Casca is easy. Just follow a few simple steps and you will be a Casca Partner. 

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