International Women’s Day 2024: How Casca Remedies Pharmaceutical Firm is Investing in Women’s Empowerment?

Women empowerment is a crucial term that is based on equality for women. Nowadays, this is one of the common topics for discussion among the masses. The term is heard by masses in many events, and social activities, as an alarming factor in the nation. However, what’s the reason that women’s empowerment has become such an alarming topic among nations?

If we look back to the history of women’s growth and participation in economic, social, and political activities it’s nill. After independence, every sector of the nation has seen tremendous growth. However, the contribution of women in these sectors was still nil. Women are undoubtedly talented and educated but their families and friends restricted them, and even our administration was not set up in support of women. This restriction has increased women’s growth, enabling them to be independent and have equal participation in economic, political, and social issues. 

How do we invest in women and make them strong?

Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd is a pharma franchise company in India. We have been manufacturing medicines for the past 36 years. We invest in women by manufacturing top-quality medicines that support women’s health and create awareness among women to cure their serious maladies. We offer a variety of medicines that cure most of the serious maladies of females and create awareness among them.

Casca empowers women by offering cures to their most serious health issues

Nowadays, women are more prone to chronic disorders and disabilities that increase with age such as cancer, vitamin deficiencies, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis and obesity, depression, anxiety, reproductive issues, etc. We offer cures and increase awareness among women on (International women’s day 2024)

  • We manufacture folic acid in our third party pharma manufacturing plant. By offering affordable services of folic acid tablets and casnitor tablets in the market we assist women in curing their pregnancy issues and iron deficiencies in women. 
  • Women are more prone to osteoporosis which is caused by a deficiency of calcium in the body. In their busy-paced life, women are not able to fulfill their calcium intake due to this they develop serious diseases. For this, we manufacture and offer quality-assured calcium tablets for them. 
  • Nowadays, women are more prone to intimate area infections as women in intimate areas demand more hygiene. Our intimate hygiene wash Femdills is the best preferred intimate wash by women for maintaining their intimate hygiene. 

Along with creating awareness regarding serious diseases, women can feel empowered and confident by healthy and flawless skin. A healthy glowing skin also boosts confidence and awareness of self-care in an individual. We are here to share a healthy skincare routine for women on International women’s day 2024 with the best quality products and brands to get flawless skin. 

  • For flawless and spotless skin cleansing is one of the most crucial steps in skincare. For this women need a quality assured and effective facewash that can help them cleanse all oil, dust, pollution, and harmful particles from their skin. We recommend them to use Skin Venture Charcoal Facewash the best facewash to clean the skin and remove oil and dust.
  • In a skincare routine after cleaning your face, to avoid dryness there will be a need for a moisturizing cream. We offer Skin Venture De-tan cream for moisturizing your skin after washing your face. Moisturized skin helps achieve a flawless glow on the face. 
  • Skin care is not beneficial if our ladies don’t incorporate sunscreen in their skincare routine. Sunscreen is an important skincare step that can never be skipped if you want young-looking, flawless, and glowing skin. Sunscreen acts as a protection shield for our skin by protecting the skin from harmful UV rays which can damage our skin. We recommend Skin Venture UV-BEX sunscreen lotion that helps protect our skin from 99% of harmful UV rays.

Here we are empowering women by creating awareness among them regarding their serious maladies and by sharing a healthy self-care routine.

This is our way of wishing Happy Women’s Day (International women’s day 2024).

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