Difference Between PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise


The PCD Pharma franchise gains exclusive rights to sell and distribute branded pharmaceutical products from a well-known international pharmaceutical company. So, the primary objective of starting your own pharmaceutical manufacturing business is to get pharma distribution and marketing rights from a globally recognized medical company.

In India, where there is an increasing demand for efficient and cost-effective health care services, you can opt for the best PCD Pharma franchise company in India with many advantages over other similar pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Let us take a closer look at the vital difference between PCD franchise and Pharma franchise .

What to choose between the PCD Franchise and Pharma Franchise industry or third-party manufacturing facilities?

Read the below-mentioned information carefully to grasp full knowledge.

Design and Launch New Products

The primary advantage of the Pharma Franchise is the flexibility to design and launch new products in the market with the assistance of experienced third party manufacturing facilities. With the help of a professional advisor on your behalf, you can successfully roll out new product portfolios, launch innovative marketing campaigns, and gain global recognition for your innovative pharmaceuticals. However, the disadvantage of such a strategy is that it can be very costly. on the other hand PCD franchise we understand, Sells the third party manufacturers’ brand product’s in the market.

Cost analyzing

It is necessary to conduct a thorough cost analysis before selecting a Pharma Franchise partner to manufacture your product portfolio. Since the Pharma Franchise partner would be responsible for your product’s entire marketing, Pharma distribution, and clinical handling. you will just have to pay significant amounts for their services.

On the other hand, The main advantage of the PCD Pharma franchise is that It is a low-cost investment with less risk. third party pharma manufacturer that has established its reputation and expertise in the pharmaceutical industry can provide products to PCD Pharma franchise partner with cost-effective solutions without any added cost.

Licensing Agreement

Apart from the two differences, as mentioned earlier, several other essential factors directly bear the nature of the licensing agreement between the PCD Pharma franchise and the Pharma franchise distributors company. This difference is related to the model of development of the medicines.

For instance, many pharmaceutical companies prefer biotechnology methods of developing treatments, whereas others prefer pharmaceutical methods. The biotechnology methods include the use of genetically engineered plants, micro-organisms, and animal cells for drug synthesis. Pharmaceutical companies, on the other hand, utilize pharmaceutical formulations and efficient drugs to develop medicines.

Type of Businesses

The third difference between the PCD Pharma franchise and Pharma Franchise Companies is related to the type of business practice used to develop the pharmaceutical products. While third-party manufacturers are concerned with drug synthesis, pharma franchise companies focus more on the commercialization of the product. Thus, there is a great deal of difference between PCD Pharma and third-party producing companies. However, both of them are engaged in business processes that may cause a difference in cost and profit.

Product Portfolio

In addition to these differences, there is also a difference in terms of the product portfolio. Both pharma franchises and PCD Franchises have a wide range of products to sell to customers. However, the scope of Pharma Franchise distribution is very different. As far as market penetration is concerned, both of these companies may also reach the same level of penetration. The significant difference in terms of Pharma Franchise distribution is related to market size and the number of distributors in a territory.

For example, a small region may allow the entry of a large distributor and thereby boost the product’s sales. Although both of them have similar sales targets, there is another difference between the two.

Higher Sales

The Pharma franchise sales targets are generally higher than those of the third-party manufacturer. However, the PCD franchise targets are significantly lower than the sales targets of the third party manufacturers. This difference in terms of the sales targets has an impact on the overall profitability of the franchise. While both of them aim at making profits, there is another difference between the two terms that might affect the final profitability of the franchise.

Government Permission

The PCD franchise will not be granted permission by the government to monopolize on any term like “PC Distributor,” “PC TM,” or “PC Franchise.” On the other hand, the existence of two brand names in one territory can reduce competition for the PCD brands and increase their market share in the territory. The government might grant permission for both companies to exist together.

Conclusion of PCD Pharma franchise VS. pharma franchise.

The combination of Pharma franchise distributors and PCD Pharma Franchises Company in India in the manufacture of generic medicines has created a unique business model, a rarity in the pharmaceutical industry. It has created a niche for itself in the field of healthcare. Hence, this type of business model can hardly be duplicated by third-party manufacturers. However, there is a clear difference between the PCD Pharma franchise and the pharma franchise.

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