Importance of Pharma Visual Aids in Pharma Marketing

PCD pharma visual ads

But what is a pharma visual aid?

How can you effectively use these aids to boost sales of the PCD pharma franchise?

Well, hello there! We are here with the answers to all your questions. See, these visual aids help in effective marketing of the products. Well, let’s break it down for you. Visual means “something you see,” and aid means “help”. So basically, a picture, pamphlet, ad, anything that is pleasing to the eye and also informative. 

A pharma visual aids provide complete information about a product using graphics. Pharma visual aids are of grave importance for a PCD pharma franchise. Because humans are visual creatures, working with visual marketing helps a lot. To get decent results, though, you must know how to use it properly. In this article, we will talk about pharma visual aids in detail and how your PCD pharma company can benefit by using pharma visual aids. Let’s start!

Pharma visual aid

Pharma visual aid is used for advertising a pharma product or brand to healthcare professionals. Basically, it explains about new molecules. Pharma visual aid can be written or printed material, film, slides, electronic data, speech, etc.

Importance of pharma visual aid for a PCD pharma Franchise

A pharma visual aid really makes it for a PCD pharma company to sell products. When you take a PCD pharma franchise, besides the quality of your products, your promotional material plays a very significant role. The doctor won’t recommend your products if they don’t even remember the name. Following are the main motives for using a pharma visual aid.

  • Informative

Firstly, to convey information about meds efficiently. A typical aid used by a PCD pharma franchise consists of a lot of details, including brand name compositions, etc. This, certainly, makes it highly useful and informative.

  • Powerful

Secondly, they are eye catchy and precise. This makes it easier for the doctor to remember your product and prescribe it to their patients. This is because it takes only 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process an image. Obviously, what will you prefer? Boring long paragraphs or precise visual aids? 

This eventually helps in brand recognition and, in turn, the growth of the PCD pharma franchise.

Types of pharma visual aid

For a PCD pharma franchise, an attractive pharma visual aid can really boost the business. 

Evidently, the different types of pharma visual aids used by a PCD pharma company are:

  1. Pharma visual aid book
    1. Hard Bound Visual Aid
      1. Normal Hard Bound Book
      2. Die-cut Hard Bound Book
    2. Spiro Bound Pharma Visual Aid
      1. Normal Spiro Bound
      2. Die-cut Spiro Bound
  2. Product vise pharma visual aid

 There are also different shapes of pharma visual aid, like;

  • 10″ x 13″
  • 17″ x 11″ binding
  • a4 pasted visual aid

Points to remember before designing a pharma visual aid

You need to take care of multiple things while designing a pharma visual aid. A pharma visual aid should check all these points:

  • Foremost, Eye Catchy
  • The name of the product is clearly visible
  • Appropriate 
  • Scientifically correct
  • Clear format
  • Easily understandable sequence
  • Simple and direct presentation
  • Can also include citations (for reference)

What are the basic components of a pharma visual aid?

Basic components of a pharma visual aid are:

  • Tag Line

A simple, easily understandable tagline. The tagline should brief the person about the medicine and its best possible use.

  • Brand Name

The company you take PCD pharma franchise of will provide you with a suitable brand name. So, basically, a brand name is the unique name of the product. 

  • Picture

Well, it depends on you if you want to use a picture or not. However, using an image is always going to be beneficial. It will be the first thing the doctor/ customer sees before reading texts. So, if you are using a picture, make sure it contains the brand name in bold and also the positive effects of the product.

  • Composition

The accurate composition of the drug is really important for the doctor to know in order to sell the medicine. So, make sure that the aid mentions the API and/ or salt present in it in the exact amount.

  • Product Type

Product type just means what kind of medicine it is. It can be Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Powder & Sachet, Gel, etc., accordingly.

  • Short description

It contains detailed information on each molecule. Obviously, not too long or too short. Molecule descriptions may include terms from pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, or pharmacodynamics, among others.

  • Used for/ Indication

Indications basically tell the use of the medicine, like when it can be prescribed. Use at least 5–6 indicators to represent your brand or its composition.


Without a doubt, pharma visual aid is a really powerful tool used for marketing. Actually, the pharma industry predominantly depends on it. It is because these contain information about the composition of the med. As you know how powerful images are, it is a really effective way to spread information in a precise manner.

For a PCD pharma company, a pharma visual aid can be a really helpful asset. To sustain your PCD pharma franchise, make sure to use eye catchy, detailed pharma visual aids.

Hope this article gave you an insight into pharma visual aids. For more articles related to the pharma world, like PCD pharma franchise, distributorship, PCD pharma company, etc., you can visit our blog.

Happy Franchising!

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