Lactulose solution usp: Manufacturers and suppliers

Lactulose Solution USP manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Lactulose syrup is used for mild to chronic constipation. This syrup regulates or increases the bowel movement, which helps in clearing the intestine and passing the stool. Constipation may occur as a side effect of many medications, and constipation is also one of the symptoms of many health ailments. Taking a heavy antibiotic may cause constipation, and having a stomach upset or any abdominal irregularities could cause constipation. 

Lactulose solution USP is one of the most effective ways to relieve constipation. The sugar present in lactulose syrup breaks down in the intestine and releases water, making the stool softer and more movable. Thus, stool passes through the body easily and eases constipation. Generally, constipation is a very common health problem, and we have already discussed how and why it occurs. That is why doctors strongly advise using lactulose syrup for constipation of any kind. As a result of frequent prescriptions, the sale and demand of lactulose syrup on the market are high. This syrup is available on the market under different brand names, but the basic formulation of lactulose syrup is the same.

Lactulose solution usp uses and side effects

Constipation is the consequence of many health issues. It may arise as a side effect of many medications; even pregnant women often experience constipation during their pregnancies. Most elderly people are more prone to constipation because of their slow metabolism. Then the most common and simpler solution to constipation is using lactulose solution usp. 

Now, talking about the side effects of using lactulose syrup, in reality, it does not have any major side effects as it only consists of soluble sugar. This sugar breaks into the large intestine and turns into digestive acid, and moving further, it releases water into the small intestine, which helps stool pass easily. However some people may experience some mild side effects like diarrhoea, boating, excessive gas formation, vomiting, and nausea. These side effects happen mostly when someone exceeds the recommended dose.

Lactulose Solution USP manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Being a very common prescriptive medicine, this constipation relief syrup has great demand in the market. Anyone can use this all-purpose syrup to treat constipation. The frequency of use of this syrup is high due to the regularity of constipation problems. That is why the lactulose solution has a great market presence. In India, 

Casca Remedies is one of the biggest Lactulose Solution USP manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Casca Remedies manufactures “Eazvac” solution, a lactulose syrup for constipation. 

We at “Casca Remedies” provide a very attractive franchise of our Eazvac syrup. Any pharma company or individual can leverage our offers and support for franchise programs. We are also India’s most generous and rapidly growing third party manufacturing company; we can manufacture and deliver large volumes of lactulose solutions to our clients. Eazvac Solution is one of the most effective and best-selling constipation-relieving products on the market. 

In conclusion, you can capitalise on both of our premium services—third party manufacturing and PCD Pharma franchises—for lactulose liquid. Lactulose syrups have great market potential for any franchisee, and it could be your ultimate opportunity to settle and thrive in the pharmaceutical market. Another very lucrative option is to outsource your syrup manufacturing to Casca Remedies and put your complete focus on branding and marketing your product. 

Casca Remedies:

Brand Name: Eazvac

Composition: Lactulose Concentrate 10 mg Solution.

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