Need of Pharmaceutical Trademark in India

Pharmaceutical Trademark in India

Need of Pharmaceutical Trademark in India: Have you heard of trademarks? You must have heard of hallmarks, at least. Well, those are a kind of trademark as well.  Trademarks are sort of everywhere. In this article, we will talk about trademarks and Pharmaceutical Trademark in India in detail. And also what role trademarks play in the pharma industry. Additionally, by the end, you will get an idea of why Pharmaceutical Trademarks are necessary overall. 

What Is a Trademark?

Trademarks can be basically any word or phrase, or symbol that identifies or distinguishes between different sources of products. The main function of a trademark is to provide an image to the brand, highlighting its ownership.

Trademarks are a type of intellectual property right. These are protected under the Trademarks Act of 1999.

Types of Trademark

  • Word Marks, For example, Maggie, Ola, etc.
  • Service Marks. For example, Amazon services, Zomato, etc.
  • Logos & Symbols. For example, the famous check sign of Nike.
  • Shapes of goods. For example, the shape of a coca cola bottle.
  • Series Marks. For example, “Mc” of MacDonald’s. All their products are represented by the series McAloo, McFries, McPuff, etc.
  • Collective Trademarks basically represent an organization or its employees. E.g., “CA” used by chartered accountants.
  • Certification Marks. For example, hallmark, ISI mark, FSSAI certification mark, etc.

Need For Pharmaceutical Trademark

Need For Pharmaceutical Trademark In Pharma Industry:

  • Helps Patients

Well, without a doubt, a pharma trademark helps people to distinguish between good and bad products. People put their trust in a brand and usually prefer to buy that brand’s goods. 

  • Minimizes the possibility of errors

Many doctors find it hard to remember or spell drug names due to the similarity of several generic names for drugs of the same type. Pharma trademarks make it easier for doctors and nurses to write correct medicines.

  • Easy Monitoring

Pharma Trademarks make it easier for a pharma company to monitor its drugs and other goods.

What is a Pharmaceutical Trademark?

Well, Pharmaceutical Trademarks are also like general trademarks. The only difference is that they are specifically used by pharma companies for pharma products. This also makes them more important because they are linked to the healthcare system. 

Trademarks imply good quality. And you do not want to compromise the quality of meds and other pharma products. After all, it’s a matter of your health and well being. 

Characteristics of a Pharmaceutical Trademarks

  • Firstly, a trademark should be distinctive. Trademark sets your brand apart from another, so it is good if it’s different and unique.
  • Secondly, a pharma trademark is a brand’s identity. Trademark represents your brand.
  • Also, it is a symbol of reliability. Your customers identify you through the trademark. If you have a loyal customer base, people will look for your trademark on the products. They rely on your brand for quality products.
  • Furthermore, trademarks are generally used in the world of commerce.
  • Another key point is registration of pharma trademarks isn’t necessary. However, it is always better to register your pharma trademark. This will help you in case of trademark falsification. 

Pharmaceutical Trademark Rules

There are some rules laid out by the supreme court for the naming of trademarks. It is helpful in cases of misuse and infringement. These guidelines also help you to register a trademark easily. Also, the rules of a traditional trademark apply to pharma trademarks as well.

You can go through the following list of factors that will help you easily trademark your goods. Also, it will reduce the chances of any lawsuit.

  • Always and always research through the trademark registry database. This is to avoid using something that already exists. 
  • Avoid too general words or salt names. This will cause problems while registering. E.g., you cannot trademark the name “noodles” for your noodles company. This will increase confusion.
  • Don’t trademark inert ingredients of a drug. This will confuse the customers.
  • Also, avoid using too similar covers or taglines. Again, this won’t look good on your brand.

Steps for filing a Pharmaceutical Trademark in India

  • Firstly, research as much as you can about your trademark. Remember, trademarks should be unique and different.
  • Once you are set on a trademark, go ahead and file an application.
  • Examining attorney then checks the trademark application.
  • After the exam, you will get to know if your trademark is rejected or approved.
  • A successful pharma trademark registration gives you protection for ten years.


Pharmaceutical Trademarks are very important for a Pharma Franchise company. Trademarks are unique, distinct words, phrases, or symbols that set your brand apart from others. A trademark helps to create a brand’s image. Also, it helps the public to choose easily. It is also a type of IPR(intellectual property right). It is good to thoroughly research before getting a trademark. 

We hope this article helped you to understand about pharma trademarks, the need For trademarks In Pharma Industry, and how to register them. 

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