PCD Pharma Franchise in PAN India By Casca Remedies

PCD Pharma Franchise pan in India

PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distributorship, and it is a business model that allows franchisees to distribute pharmaceutical products on behalf of a PCD company. It is a business model that allows small businesses with small investments to enter the Indian pharmaceutical industry easily. 

Starting a PCD pharma franchise in PAN India has a lot of benefits, majorly because the Indian Pharma industry is expected to cross 100 billion dollars worth by 2025. Hence, owning a PCD Pharma Franchise company in India is one of the best ways to earn profits.

Why start a PCD pharma Franchise?

  1. Most populated country– As India is the most populated country in the world, more population comes with higher chronic diseases which  gives a great chance to the companies to earn maximum profits from PCD franchises.
  2. Improving healthcare infrastructure -Government has focused on improving the healthcare infrastructure in the country and this gives a great opportunity to the PCD Pharma Franchise in PAN India for earning great returns from the industry.
  3. Higher margins-  Generally, PCD pharma companies enjoy a profit margin of 20-30% by the franchisor. This helps the pharma franchise owner to earn a good income.
  4. Low Investment-  As there is no manufacturing involved by the franchisee owner, the investment in this business model is comparatively low. 
  5. Helps in gaining knowledge of the pharma industry of India- PCD Franchise helps the businesses to learn more about the pharma industry in India and gain experience. This helps them to navigate to make bigger businesses in the same industry.

Key points to consider before starting a PCD Pharma Franchise in PAN India:

  1. Franchise PCD Tie-ups- it is really important to be associated with a reputable company. This helps the PCD Pharma Franchise owner to establish a good name in the market and maximize profits.
  2. Obtain the required licenses and permits: Before you can begin selling pharmaceutical products, you must obtain the required licenses and permits from the government
  3. Wide range of products- the franchisor should have a wide range of products to cater to all types of customer requirements.
  4. Financial terms– Look for the minimum order quantities, payment periods, credit facilities and delivery timelines.

Perks to start a PCD Pharma Business In India 

  1. Proven goods: The franchisee has access to the manufacturer’s tried-and-true goods, which can speed up sales. 
  2. Support for marketing and distribution: The franchise receives marketing and distribution support from the franchisor, which can help them reach a larger audience.
  3. Independence-  the business model provides a flexibility about how to operate and which location to operate in. It also gives a wide range of audience and customers to cater to. 
  4. No sales target- You won’t be under any obligation to the Parent company to meet targets when working with a PCD Pharma. Instead of selling the goods in accordance with the company’s policies and goals, you will do it based on market demand. 

List of best PCD Pharma Franchise in PAN India

  1. Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd
  2. Neoliva Formulations. 
  3. Sanes Pharmaceuticals.
  4. Medliva Lifesciences. 
  5. Skin Venture
  6. Herb ventures 
  7. Fluff adore


If you are looking to launch your own PCD franchise business, Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd company is the perfect option for you. Casca PCD Pharma Franchise offers you lots of advantages. Such as reduced optional cost, high profit margin, monopoly over distribution rights, marketing tools and resources among others. They allow you the opportunity to launch your own PCD Franchise business without having to worry about sales targets, inventory management, marketing and minimum investments. Contact now : +91-8900000092.

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