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Best Sunscreen Lotion In India

Not surprising that sunscreens are essential in today’s climate. If born a thousand years ago, one could have skipped the routine, but nowadays, going out without our protectant (Sunscreen Lotion) feels like a trip to the sun itself.

Ultraviolet light from the sun can cause severe burns and cancer. Sunscreens not only protect us from the deadly wrath of the sun but also prevent melanoma, dark patches, uneven skin tone, and premature aging.

How to choose the Best Sunscreen Lotion for yourself?

There is no shortage of Best Sunscreen Lotion in the market. But finding the right sunscreen for yourself can be a tricky business. Regular use of an ill-suited beauty product could be more destructive than beneficial. Active ingredients in the sunscreen lotion base can do more harm than good if not chosen accurately based on skin type and texture. Matching sunscreen to your skin type is not always simple, but it is worth it.

There are a lot of factors to consider before buying the best sunscreen lotion, here are a few:

Natural Vs. Synthetic

“Natural” means mineral-based and non-toxic sunscreens. In cosmetics, the phrase chemical or synthetic refers to anything artificial or non-natural. Natural sunscreen active ingredients include titanium oxide and zinc oxide. Your sunscreen is “natural” if these minerals make up the active components.

Chemicals like oxybenzone, octinoxate, or avobenzone are synthetic active ingredients. The presence of such compounds turns the sunscreen synthetic. Synthetic sunscreen chemicals absorb UV rays. As opposed to chemical sunscreens, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are physical sunscreens. They block UV radiation rather than absorb them. It is like having tiny “shields” covering your skin to keep off the sun.

There is some relevant evidence that applying physical sunscreens over time provides better protection against premature aging. The active components in natural sunscreens lotions are less prone to irritate the skin than those in chemical ones. Now, that is a valuable tip for people with sensitive skin. An additional tip, look out for a sunscreen that is Sulfate and paraben free.

SPF(sun protection factor)

SPF stands for sun protection factor. It compares the amount of solar energy required to cause sunburn on skin protected by sunscreen with the skin not covered by sunscreen. In simple terms, the more the SPF, the lesser the probability of sunburn.

When purchasing sunscreen, seek a “wide spectrum” sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 to help prevent sun exposure from destroying the collagen. Any sunscreen lotion with sun protection factor of 20 to 25+ is ideal if you spend most of your time indoors. On the contrary, use a higher SPF if you plan to spend more time outside.

Skin Type

For dry skin, use sunscreen with an appropriate oil-based composition that will moisturize your skin but doesn’t make it too oily. Too much oil on the skin can cause pimples and other skin conditions. For folks with oily skin, use a gel-based sunscreen or a sun foundation with a water base or other similar variants.

Environment-friendly, ethical and cruelty-free

Enough about you and your skin type; let us now address a more significant concern—the environmental impact of different kinds of sunscreen. Coral reefs are the most diversified and protective ecosystems, home to almost 25% of all fish species. Coral reefs are subjected to unanimous harm by carbon-based sunscreens. Some compounds, such as oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate, and 4MBC, contribute to stressful situations like coral bleaching on reefs, which can eventually destroy the reef and its ecology. Choose a sunscreen lotion manufactured in the most eco-friendly way without harming the environment or animals.

Best Sunscreen Lotion In India

Finding the perfect sunscreen for yourself can be challenging and tiring, but don’t worry; we have you covered!

Buy The Best Sunscreen Lotion in India Online here. UV-Bex Sunscreen Lotion, with SPF 50++, is one of the best sunscreen lotions in India. It exhibits all the above characteristics and is “budget” plus “all skin types” friendly. Sunlight extrudes energy in two forms, ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Both are equally harmful and, in increased quantity, can cause skin cancer. However, UVB rays are more intense than UVA. UVB is responsible for skin burns and melanoma. UVA deals more with premature aging.

A good thumb rule for you to estimate the effectiveness of sunscreen is to pay attention to the Sun Protection Factor. Sunscreens with higher Sun Protection Factor and broad-spectrum coverage offer excellent protection against sunburn, UVA, UVB, and DNA damage.

UV-Bex Sunscreen Lotion is a broad spectrum Sunscreen, making it one of India’s top sunscreen lotions. With UV- Bex sunscreen lotion, you can say goodbye to sunburn, aging, and skin cancer!

It is laden with the goodness of shea butter and certified organic aloe vera gel that nourishes and soothes your skin in this scorching heat.

UV-Bex Sunscreen Lotion contains carrot seed oil. It confers the lotion anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, keeping you germ-free while providing an even skin tone. Last but not least, this multifaceted sunscreen is also paraben free and contains Vitamin E, preventing hyper pigmentation, skin drying, and stubborn dark spots.

UV-Bex Sunscreen Lotion is suitable for all skin types and moisturizes your skin without making it too oily. Not to mention, it is incredibly budget-friendly.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pack of the best sunscreen lotion in India, UV-Bex Sunscreen Lotion, and dash outdoors without any concerns.

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