PCD Pharma Franchise for Tapentadol 100 mg

PCD pharma franchise for Tapentadol 100 Mg

Tapentadol100 mg is a painkiller, used to treat moderate to severe pain. Tapentadol is a commonly used painkiller in India. The sale of tapentadol is very high in the pharma market. That is why, the PCD pharma franchise of tapentadol is in high demand because painkillers are easy to sell. Building a distribution network for a painkiller is relatively easy. This class of medicines often have a large and attractive distribution market. 

Tapentadol 100 mg comes under many brand names, but its composition is a single drug i.e. Tapentadol. It works by blocking the pain signals to the brain. It is a widely used tablet for pain. It is commonly prescribed for moderate to severe pains. Tapentadol is mostly prescribed for injuries and post-operative pain. This is the reason why these painkillers have such a huge sale in the market. 

Talking about the sale of Tapentadol 100 mg, it also has a very lucrative presence in the franchise market. Any PCD pharma franchise company in India that has a franchise program available for Tapentadol100 mg has the highest franchisees associated with them. “Casca Remedies” also provides franchises for Tapentadol tablets, “Voricas- 100” is Casca’s in-house manufactured Tapentadol tablet which is one the most popular painkillers in the Indian market. 

Tapentadol uses and side effects

  • Tapentadol is used to relieve pain for a short period. Its effectiveness lasts for 6 to 8 hours after consumption. It comes under habit-forming categories of medicines, which is why prescribed consumption is advised.
  • The side effects of taking Tapentadol are similar to many painkillers. Tiredness, drowsiness, nausea, and vomiting are the most common side effects of this medicine. Physicians also advised not to take medicine on an empty stomach. Do not exceed the dose of medicine prescribed. But in reality consumption of any medicine once in a blue moon does produce side effects. 

Franchise business around Tapentadol-100

Franchise business around Tapentadol is very attractive and fruitful. Both franchisors and franchisees are generating higher revenue on the sale of Tapentadol tablets. Many pharma companies are looking to buy the franchisee of this medicine. Since Casca Remedies is one of the major manufacturers of Tapentadol in the market their franchise programs are in high demand. 

Casca’s “VORICAS- 100” is the best quality Tapentadol tablet in the market. It already has a big market presence, so any new franchisee does not have to turn every stone for its marketing. Distributing VORICAS could be a very fruitful decision for starting in the distribution market. The PCD pharma franchise of VORICAS-100 has many benefits from high revenue generation to its cost effectiveness. Also, you can become a pharma franchise owner by opting to distribute Casca Remedies’s products.  

In conclusion, Tapentadol’s high consumption in the market makes this medicine a better choice for PCD pharma franchises. Casca Remedies, being a third-party manufacturer and franchisor has a large manufacturing of Tapentadol tablets, which means any distributor will never run out of stock and will get continuous timely supply.

Brand name : VORICAS-100

composition : Tapentadol 100 mg

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