Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturer and Herbal Medicine Manufacturing and You!

Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer and Herbal medicine manufacturing and You!

With the growing wave of ‘make in India’, customers have started to demand medicines that are manufactured in India or follow the Indian process of manufacturing. Ayurveda is one such ancient medical art that has been in existence for centuries in Indian culture. There is a natural inclination of Indian customers towards Ayurveda. According to a study, 77 percent Indians use Ayurveda in their households. This clear inclination has created a huge potential market for Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers and Herbal medicine manufacturing units. They have a great selling point of their ancient roots and capture a big chunk of the market. This makes India the second target producer of Herbal and Ayurvedic medicine.

How to be an Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer?

  1. Approvals and certifications – The first and foremost thing to be a manufacturer is to get all the approvals and certifications and legal formalities pre-hand and get knowledge of the field that you want to operate in. GMP certification along with FDA approvals is the minimal and basic certifications required.
  2. Manufacturing unit set-up – To be a manufacturer, a manufacturing unit which is equipped with all the approved technology is required. This requires a huge investment in plant and machinery. Hence, it is recommended to plan your finances well.
  3. Raw material – To start manufacturing of products, raw material is required and in case of Herbal medicine manufacturing and ayurvedic medicine manufacturers, high quality herbs, botanicals, and other raw materials from reputable suppliers are required. It is recommended to verify the authenticity, purity, and potency of the ingredients through rigorous testing and quality control measures.
  4. A quality control test lab – To check the authenticity, purity, and potency of the ingredients through rigorous testing and quality control measures a testing lab with state-of-the-art technology is required.
  5. Developed formulations – With availability of all that is mentioned above, medicines can be manufactured but what to manufacture is the question? Developed formulations targeting a particular disease helps a company to establish a brand name in the market.
  6. Packaging and labeling – To build a popular brand, packaging and labeling along with a strong formulation is required.  
  7. Marketing and supply chain networks- After manufacturing a product, it is important to make the customer aware about it through different marketing techniques and then making the product available to them easily through a strong and well established supply chain distribution network.

Is Casca Remedies private limited can be a good collaboration to you?

  1. Approvals and certifications – We are a WHO-GMP certified plant with state-of-the-art technology. We have all the required certifications and approvals like GMP, GLP and government approvals.
  2. A fully equipped test lab – As a company with 36 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, we have a fully equipped testing lab of our own. We check the proficiency and stability of a product in house.
  3. Developed Formulations – Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd is a popular name in the pharma industry only because of the unique formulations and quality products. We have more than 500 unique formulations with nearly 1500 product variations.
  4. Marketing and supply chain networks – We make the product available to the people in the deepest corner of the city. With an extensive supply chain network, our customers get the products in any terrain, climatic conditions and situations.
  5. International Presence – We have our international presence in MEA countries i.e. Middle Eastern and African countries along with the APAC region of the world. We are building a presence in the European part of the globe as well.

How to be a Casca partner?

There are 2 ways in which you can associate yourself with us-

  1. PCD Pharma Franchise – You will be provided with marketing and selling rights of Casca’s herbal products along with a designated area. It starts with a minimum investment of rupees 15000.
  2. Third party Herbal and Ayurvedic manufacturing – You can ask us to manufacture goods for you which you can sell under your own brand name and to your own clients.
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