Air India’s Strategic Collaboration with Pharma Franchise Companies

Air India's Strategic Collaboration with Pharma Franchise Companies

It is not a hidden fact anymore  how the pharma industry is blooming and growing. Earlier, the pharmaceutical industry only catered to the pharmaceutical products like medicines, injections and other machineries used in the healthcare industry. Now the term has elevated from pharmaceutical industry to healthcare industry and the horizons for the manufacturers have broadened. The manufacturers that produce cosmetics products, are into ayurvedic products or food supplements everyone is covered under the healthcare umbrella.  Manufacturers have started to focus on their core competency of manufacturing with the growing demands and have started to delegate their sales and marketing job to the Pharma Franchise Companies for better reach of touch points.

The Healthcare industry provides a one stop solution to all the hospitality needs for other industries, hence, it is their favorite go to option for any requirement. One such example can be seen very recently when a big brand like Air India collaborated with Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd for their mouthwash requirements. 

New Heights in Healthcare: The Iconic Collaboration of Air India With Casca Remedies

A 91 years old company founded by Mr. JRD Tata is an Indian flag bearer airline. Known for their world class quality services, time punctuality and cordial hospitality, Air India has never compromised on the products served in their flights.

Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd is a 35 year old WHO-GMP certified plant who have built a commendable reputation in the industry. The company stands by only one motto, i.e, quality products. We at Casca believe life is the most precious gift given to us by nature and nothing should hamper this beautiful journey. Medicines and other pharma products are an elixir of life which can not be cursed by malpractices.

This collaboration is not just a collaboration of 2 companies but 2 ideologies coming together. When two right minded entities collaborate, only wonders can be expected which work in favor of customers.

Benefits of collaborations for Pharma franchise companies

  1. Economy of scales- whenever a pharma franchise company collaborates with a big brand name, they enjoy the benefit of bulk production. Big brands order in big quantities which reduces the per unit cost price for the manufacturer. Now this not only is beneficial to the pharma franchise company but also to the customers of the company due to rate benefits.
  2. Increase in quality- with the hike in quantity, quality measures are also increased. A brand which caters to a huge audience does not compromise on any level of quality standards. This ideology is then infused in all its vendors as well, resulting in improved quality standards of a pharma franchise company.
  3. Advertisement-  One single brand has the capability to spread the product of a pharma franchise company to millions of people in one shot. This is a great way of marketing. In this a company earns profits as well as enjoys the perks of free marketing too.
  4. Global Reach and ExpansionPharma franchise companies stand to benefit immensely from Air India’s expansive global reach. This collaboration opens doors to international markets, enabling these companies to expand their footprint and provide healthcare solutions on a global scale.
  5. Gateway to new opportunities– When a company collaborates, it is just the beginning of a long term partnership. Even if collaboration starts with a single product, like in case of Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd the collaboration has begun with Brefresh Mouthwash which can be found in the laboratories of Air India in its flights across metro cities. This is just the beginning of a long journey.


Collaborations are always a win- win situation for both the parties. Air India got the mouthwash of premium quality that can cater to their premium passengers and Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd got the opportunity to serve a client as huge as Air India.

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