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Casca Remedies Pvt . Ltd one of the best Company For Capsules Manufacturing Pharma Company and also PCD pharma Franchise. we have over 60 capsules products For 3rd party manufacturing and PCD Pharma Franchise.  we are provide for PCD minimum investments , and minimum batch size for 3rd party manufacturing. our company is ISO and GMP Certified.

When thinking of starting your own pharma franchise, you should consider the company’s reputation and age. A company should have ISO and WHO certifications and high-quality products. It should also have a large inventory of products that will help you become successful as a franchise business.

Pharma franchises are contracts offered by pharmaceutical companies allowing individuals or organizations to sell their drugs in exchange for a commission.

Casca Remedies leading top pharmaceuticals company in India, we are offering  Pharma Franchise Distributorship In India. We are giving an extensive variety of Pharmaceutical products to the healthcare industry at the most affordable cost. 

Before choose best Pharma Company, let us see the reputation of the company, so that the doctor can choose the medicine easily. Casca Remedies are present over 22 state and with a network of over 700 customers.

Pharma franchise is a license granted by the government or a pharmaceutical company, or an organization possessing the rights, to an individual or group qualifying them to carry out specified commercial activities, as an agent to market, sell or promote that company’s products.

A person who has passed the S.S.L.C. exam with four years of experience in dealing in drugs and is specially licensed, approved, and trained by the Department of Drug Control is required to open pharma franchise in India.

why choose us for Capsules Manufacturing Pharma Company: –

  • Company has more than 1000  products and adding more according to market(customers)  demand.
  • Effective and reliable assured range of Drugs and Medicines
  • A team of expert pharmacists
  • Use of latest molecules and processing technology
  • on time delivery facility.
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