Pharmacy Mobile App Benefits for Pharmacist

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Today I’m excited to present to you all our new Pharmacy app. Since there is an increase in diseases among the current population, pharmacists play an important role in guiding the population about the correct medication. So, pharmacists should be well aware of pharmaceutical formulations and their uses. Undeniably, having this pharmacy mobile app will make pharmacists’ lives easier!

“I intend to get what I need here and now, without delay”-that’s what most modern pharmacists think.

Did you know that you can order any medication without getting on a call with a marketing executive? And if you are already on vacation, you can order the pharmaceutical formulations online. And what’s more, the Casca Remedies PCD pharma franchise company in India launched a pharmacy mobile app named CASCA GROUP. This application helps our clients get complete knowledge about any product with accurate details. 

Pharmacist-focused Features

User Profile: ​Like most pharmacies, all users are required to complete a registration form to login to the Casca Group pharmacy mobile app in order to buy medication or interact with pharmacy service providers. However, it’s also possible for them to use an existing Gmail account (and even choose a secure option like two-factor authentication). Creating an account (or using an existing Gmail account) is essential for users who don’t want their personal details floating around some other application – but customers who do create accounts will still be able to complete all of their usual transactions without any hassle. There are no hassles when it comes to creating a new account so being able to keep things simple is definitely great for customer experience!

A Detailed Catalog of Products. A detailed catalog of products allows Customers to get the most comprehensive and accurate knowledge about the product at their fingertips.

Smart Search. An incredibly important component of any online pharmacy is to ensure that customers can easily search for the medicines they need. Our search engine has an easy-to-use filtering system that makes it quite simple to narrow down what you’re looking for fast and conveniently! 

Pharmacy Mobile App Benefits for Pharmacist

We have categorized our product catalog among different sections like Tablets, Capsules, Softgel Capsules, Injection, Syrup, etc. Let’s suppose someone is interested in some particular sections like tablets and syrup then instead of going through the complete range, customers can visit those particular sections only. This saves the user time and increases the user experience.

Full Drug description: Every pharmaceutical formulation is enriched with details like Composition, Packing, MRP, GST Rate and Product visual aid for its uses. Casca Group APP also shows the real product image covering both pictures of the box and actual inner product like strip, bottle, tube, vial, etc.

  • Quantity: After searching your required product on the Casca Group Pharmacy app, you can easily select the quantity of the product you want. Then place the order.
  • Online Payment: Remote purchase of drugs and their delivery to the user’s home also involves remote payment. Of course, the buyer can pay on COD, but only on limited stock value. But the online payment option should be available anyway. Digital payments in India rely heavily on credit, debit cards   and online transfers.
  • Shipping info: Once you have selected the order quantity, you’ll be navigated to a confirmation page. This Page will allow you to select your preferred shipping method and delivery partner. Once you choose your delivery method and partner, the order will be complete and we’ll arrange for it to get to you as soon as possible.
  • Invoice: Casca Group APP also provides Invoice, That includes the details of buyer. A Unique Invoice number that is commonly known as reference number that Also mentioned the details of the product being sold or service being rendered on your invoices. The company provides an invoice in which The date rendered/date received of the order has been mentioned. selling the product or rendering the service.
  • Notification: Once you’ll be a member of our Casca Group pharmacy mobile app You’ll start getting notifications from our Casca Group mobile Pharmacy APP , whenever we launch a new product or place any offer on a particular product, and so on. whenever we launched a new product or placed any offer on a particular product, and so on.
  • Tracking order: With our easy to use Pharmacy App, you can now see when your order(Tracking Details) will be shipped and receive delivery! Just place your order today using Casca Group’s Pharmacy App!
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